an idea.

I haven’t forgotten about you, dear blog.  I have just been thinking about things.  What kind of things?  I wish I could say all writing things, but of course, life gets in the way and the mind gets full of useless garbage.  But among this garbage, real ideas are formed.  Like this one:

I’m about to embark on a project that has been circulating in my head for some time now.  It seems like a good idea, in theory.  But you never know what will happen until it’s done, out there, for everyone to see.  It will no longer live safe, in my brain.

Time will only tell if this project comes through.  But you bet I’ll be here documenting every step of the way.

holding myself accountable.

I already have a blog.  It’s called Pardon the Clutter, and I update it when I have the patience.  I already have a blog!  So now I’m suppose to keep track of two?  Alright fine.

I’m a twenty something girl living in LA, who moved here for the purpose of writing, but somehow forgot how to.  Brilliant.  All of the years of schooling, earning my Bachelors in Playwriting, and I can’t rub two sentences together to save my life.  Just shoot me now, writing gods.  I know you want to.

This blog is intended to keep track of writing projects; a log book of sorts to track my progress.  I have two project ideas circulating around, but have I even begun to start? Seriously?  But, it’s time.  I’m holding myself accountable.  Because if I won’t hold my own hand, who will…?  Huh?

But this isn’t just about me.  This is about anyone out there in the world struggling with a place to start, and trying to find the stamina to finish.  This is about you, too.

So in the spirit of community, I invite all those writers with big ideas and no hands to hold to following along on my journey back to the writing board, or computer…board.  And share your experience with tackling the overbearing monster living in your head.

My other blog,, airs out many of my grievances with stupidity, delves into the silly nonsense of the everyday, and has no reason at all.  Oh, and maybe something about travel something something my life something something photography.  So check that out too.  I promise I’ll make it more about travel something than nonsense.

Okay, let’s go write.